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本文摘要:At first glance, the new car unveiled at a motor show appeared to be an updated model of the Range Rover Evoque.乍看之下,这款在汽车展览会上经常出现的新车或许是路虎佳句极光的最新款。


At first glance, the new car unveiled at a motor show appeared to be an updated model of the Range Rover Evoque.乍看之下,这款在汽车展览会上经常出现的新车或许是路虎佳句极光的最新款。With its signature body shape, lights and radiator grill and silver logo across the front edge of its bonnet, it was the spitting image of the British bestseller.其标志性的车型、车灯、散热器护栅和发动机车顶前沿的银色logo,完全和英国的那款畅销车一模一样。But in fact, it was a brazen copy of the hugely popular UK-designed ‘baby’ off-roader – and a fraction of the price.但是实质上,它是英国设计的迷你人气爆款越野车厚颜无耻的山寨版本——而价格才是越野车的一小部分。

Little-known Chinese carmaker LandWind launched its 14,000 X7 at the Guangzhou motor show in China last week.上周,鲜为人知的中国汽车制造商“陆风”在广州车展上公布了这款价值1万4000英镑的新车。Its uncanny similarity to the 40,000-plus Evoque’s distinctive design provoked an angry response from Jaguar Land Rover, which may take legal action to protect its brand.新车和价值4万多英镑的,享有独一无二设计的佳句极光具有难以置信的相近度,这引发了路虎捷豹的气愤,他们称之为可能会动用法律手段来维护他们的品牌。The British manufacturer has just opened its first car factory in China in a venture with local firm Chery.这家英国制造商伙同中国的奇瑞公司刚刚在中国开设了他们第一家车厂。

Jaguar Land Rover chief executive Dr Ralf Speth told Autocar magazine: ‘The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in China is very disappointing. The intellectual property (IP) is owned by Jaguar Land Rover and if you break that IP then you are in breach of international regulations.’路虎捷豹首席执行官拉尔夫·施佩特博士告诉他《汽车之家》杂志:“事实上这类假货在中国大大经常出现十分令人沮丧。其知识产权归路虎捷豹所有,而且如果你侵害了别人的知识产权你就违背了国际法规。”But drivers looking for a fashionable car at a bargain price might want to wait for safety inspection results.不过想以低价买下一部潮车的司机们或许想等候安全检查结果出来。

LandWind’s earlier CV9 people-carrier scored just two stars out of five in European crash tests in 2010.2010年,陆风先前的CV9载人型车在欧洲撞击测试中才得了二星(仅有五星)。